Bruce from Sunset Grill/Blue Mountain says, of all the sanitizers they have bought since Covid ours is by far the best!   His employees love it too!


Sunset Grill - Blue Mountain

Candice from Curries Food Market in Collingwood says it’s her favourite Hand Sanitizer!  We are stocked at Curries!


Curries Food Market - Collingwood

Easy To Use, Safe and
Convenient for Kids

Keeping our kids safe during Covid-19 can be challenging!  Other Ethanol based sanitizers, can leave a residue on the hands.  Often, an impatient child will accidentally rub their eyes risking irritation.  Because our spray is  active 70% Isopropyl it evaporates quickly, ensuring no sticky mess is left behind and keeping your kids safe!


Leaves Hands Feeling Soft and Silky long after use.

Many people have reported Ethanol based sanitizers go on sticky and dry out their skin after repeat use.  People love our unique formula of 70% Isopropyl and essential oils, because of how it works and feels!  The active sanitizing ingredient evaporates rapidly while leaving behind a silky soft and moisturized skin. 

Refresh It Spray Hand Sanitizer is unique, fast acting, lightly scented and a refreshing hand sanitizer which is Health Canada approved. Repeat use is encouraged and leaves hands feeling soft and refreshed!  This uniquely Canadian product is local to the beautiful Muskoka region and has many feature benefits over ethanol based sanitizers on the market today.

NPN # 80100507


Easy No Mess
Pump Spray Action

Using our premium bottles, customers report a consistent spray action, evenly coating the hands without any messy pooling like other sanitizers.  This conserves the product and ensures maximum protection.

Long Lasting &
Great Value

Our convenient 4oz bottle easily fits in your purse, pouch or backback making it easily accessible and a must have item for your child’s back to school essentials!